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The Evolution of a 30 Second Advertising Spot. Plus: “Name That Project” Answered!

Again using Canon’s 5D Mark ii and the Zoom H4n audio recorder, I shot and produced the video above for Rich Beckman’s Multimedia Storytelling graduate seminar at the University of Miami School of Communication. The assignment was to create a 30 second public service announcement promoting Special Olympics. I decided to produce a spot for Special Olympics’ “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign, an effort designed to encourage people to stop using the words “retarded” or “retard” to describe individuals with intellectual disabilities.

My concept was to show a series of video clips of things that begin with the letter “R,” and to end with a clip of a Special Olympian followed by the words “Role Model.” I decided to test the concept’s potential by blogging stills and video clips as the shoot progressed, and asking people to “Name That Project.”

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Name That Project! (The First of Many…)


Please forgive the impromptu nature of this post, but I’m up to my ears in alligators with various deadlines before the end of my second semester in the University of Miami’s Multimedia Journalism master’s program.

This is the first in a series of little contests I’m going to do wherein I will post raw imagery from a project as I shoot it. These are not tight edits, but rather simply screenshots that represent content. From the stills above, and the video clips below, a savvy observer will find clues in the images that will hint at the project’s concept.

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